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Families love visiting Victoria Kids Dentistry because we offer pediatric dentistry at our office. Take a look at the reviews below to see how our team provided comfortable, preventive dental services for infants, children, and teenagers in order to improve the health of their smiles. Call our pediatric dentist in Victoria, Texas, today if you also want to leave a review for our office.

  • I drew a blank on her name (so sorry) but the new dentist is AMAZING! I was worried because after Dr. Ken left, it seemed like a revolving door but then this kind woman comes in and as a teacher myself, I could tell right away she truly cares for the kids. Thank you for taking care of my kids! The new receptionist lady is super sweet and friendly too! LOVE that!

    jayden dolezal Avatar
    jayden dolezal

    The staff was extremely nice and accommodating. My son is usually shy but the dentist and attendees helped him come out of his shell! Would highly recommend and will be returning of course! Thanks again for the friendly and great service

    Alyssa Rodriguez Avatar
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    Dr. Sharma and staff did an incredible job with my shy/anxious 2 year old on her first ever trip to the dentist. I thought the first visit might be a little hard for her, but now I think the only hard part for her will be waiting a whole 6 months for her next visit! 😂

    Kasee Diaz Avatar
    Kasee Diaz

    Mostly ok. The front desk staff is always very friendly and helpful, so I’m thankful for that. However; I am looking forward to when the office is back to mask free. My 5 year old was asked to wear a mask. Not happening.
    I also don’t like that my child has to go back without me. That doesn’t happen in a doctors office, so why does that happen here. I don’t feel like any parent should have to stay behind when anything involving their minor child is involved.
    Overall, ok visit. There’s just a couple of policies that really need tweaking.

    Chris McGee Avatar
    Chris McGee

    Staff was unfriendly. I understand covid is still an issue, but if you don't want kids touching things (stickers, toys by the checkout counter) you need to not have them where kids can see and reach them!! Staff complained about my kid touching the sticker he wanted because she was going to have to clean. The stickers were by the door with in my 2 years reach. Also reprimanded me for my kids sitting in the chairs. I got them out and another lady came in the room and told me not to let them sit in the chairs; I heard you the 1st time!! Also they have had a lot of turn over with dentists in the past 2 years. I will not be back.

    Courtney Salazar Avatar
    Courtney Salazar

    We started with Dr. W. then Dr. Saucier and now we really enjoyed meeting the new Dentist today! She was so kind and thorough!! We LOVE the staff here too...they are wonderful and take care of our kids ao well!!! ❤️

    Terri Morales Avatar
    Terri Morales

    Great courteous caring and keeping us informed of our sons condition and procedure..very professional , thanks guys also Dr. Hook and Vicky

    Richard Munoz Avatar
    Richard Munoz

    Once again I had a great experience today at my appointment! The staff all made me feel very welcomed and I left with a nice clean smile! Definitely recommend this awesome office !

    Bella aley Avatar
    Bella aley

    I am forever grateful for this amazing clinic.
    My experience here with my daughter was the most professional and above and beyond for multiple procedures in one day. The staff and the Dr are the most wonderful people I have dealt with in a business.

    Mercedes Garcia Avatar
    Mercedes Garcia

    Love this office! Friendly staff, great with children and very thorough! Highly recommend!

    Scarlett Wolter Avatar
    Scarlett Wolter

    Can't say enough about this place!! What a lovely, peaceful experience... So much better than my most optimistic hopes! I took my two little ones there today for their first dentist appointment, and I was delighted with how well it went. The kids were able to watch favorite shows while they got their teeth cleaned, and the staff were so patient and pleasant with them, and seemed to truly enjoy working with kids. Every single person on staff was pleasant and easy to talk to. I also really appreciated how Dr. Sharma explained and showed me different things about their teeth as she went along. She made everything really clear and her suggestions were very helpful. Truly a fabulous experience.

    Elizabeth Saenz Avatar
    Elizabeth Saenz

    The girls in the office are so sweet. They were so cute in there PJs. This is the office to take your kids to.

    Ben Deutsch Avatar
    Ben Deutsch

    Staff very friendly. Son saw Dr Ken 20 + years ago until he was in teens, then daughter the last 10 years. If you have concerns, just let them know and they will work with you. With COVID things are a little different, but they are still wonderful.

    aprilclick Avatar

    My daughter is often shy about new places. We prepare for these kinds of visits by playing dentist or doctor visit that morning. It was our first dental visit to this dentistry, and she was phenomenal. The staff helped with their charismatic personalities. 10/10 would recommend.

    Kassandra Tucker Avatar
    Kassandra Tucker

    Always a wonderful visit!! Our son has been going there since he was 5 years old. Doctors and Staff are so helpful, friendly, courteous, caring and so kind!! We love it there!! 😊

    Tracy Lassmann Avatar
    Tracy Lassmann

    Ever since Dr. Ken left it just hasn’t been the same! Already 2 dentist in 2 years. At least 2 of Dr.Ken’s staff are still there at the front desk. They are always so friendly and helpful. Just wish they could get a good dentist that would stay!! Not real warm fuzzzies like it used to be.

    Melissa Hanselman Avatar
    Melissa Hanselman

    They were GREAT with my daughter! I was worried she wouldn't sit and they made the entire experience a breeze. Highly recommend!

    Ana Franke Avatar
    Ana Franke

    Only a 3 the visit was fine but I was told I would be able to come in with my daughter once she was in a room and I was not called. If thats going to be the case I will be finding a different doctor. She is a minor and I will be in the room from now on.

    Kaleena Trevino Avatar
    Kaleena Trevino

    The staff is amazing and great with children! They get back to you in a timely manner which is something that’s important to me. Virtually no wait time. They also give first responders a discount which is awesome! Very happy with Victoria Kids Dentistry!

    Chelsea Klare Avatar
    Chelsea Klare

    Professional, helpful, and kind! Whether it’s a scheduled check-up or an emergency visit, they have been wonderful to my family!

    Jan Lewis Avatar
    Jan Lewis
  • This place is amazing! Courteous, professional, prompt and caring. Great patient care.

    Christopher&Rebecca Simmons Avatar
    Christopher&Rebecca Simmons

    Dr. Sam and his crew of sweet ladies were so great today! Very informative and kind, even played my favorite Netflix show for me while I was getting my work done! 🙂

    Bella aley Avatar
    Bella aley

    We were extremely happy with out visit. Seeing my son happy with his new smile makes each day even better. Yall did a great job. Thank you.

    Megan mumphord Avatar
    Megan mumphord

    We have always had a pleasant experience during appointments. The staff is really what makes this place so wonderful.

    Robyn O Avatar
    Robyn O

    Our appointment was at 10:30 we didn’t get in tell 11 a.m. They apologized said one room wasn’t working. Other than that everything was smooth.

    Tonya Woytek Avatar
    Tonya Woytek

    The staff and Dr Ken were amazing today! They are doing an amazing job!

    tiffany juett Avatar
    tiffany juett

    The staff and Dr. Ken were GREAT! Wouldn't go anywhere else!

    Chandra Verret Avatar
    Chandra Verret

    Had all 3 kids at one time, and a 6 year old gagger. They were so good with her calming her down getting the job done. I loved them all!!! Super sweet and patient.

    Delia Kolar Avatar
    Delia Kolar

    My family just loves Dr. Erin and her staff! We have been so appreciative of all of their loving and kind nature to all 3 of my babies. One can’t get there enough! LOVES going! Even to have teeth pulled! Cannot give them enough stars!! ❤️

    Kathleen Young Avatar
    Kathleen Young

    We love Dr. Erin! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and great with all three of my kids. Her staff are all so sweet and helpful. I would absolutely recommend Victoria Kids Dentistry!

    Merrill Ulbricht Avatar
    Merrill Ulbricht

    My daughter actually likes going there! Dr. Saucier is amazing with kids! Thanks and great job Dr Saucier!👍🏻😊

    Nate King Avatar
    Nate King

    Super friendly and nice staff. Always so great with my daughter. She loves to go and has never been scared.

    Sabrina Church Avatar
    Sabrina Church

    Wonderful experience with Dr.Erin. She is very kind and patient with my boys. The entire office team is amazing, couldnt ask for a better dental experience for my children. I highly recommend Victoria Kid's Dentistry.

    Jennifer Stofer Avatar
    Jennifer Stofer

    My children love Dr.Erin! The support staff and dental care professionals are wonderful! They make the dental care experience lovable.

    susie gomez Avatar
    susie gomez

    We are two visits in and so far, my 7-yr-old and I love Dr. Erin and her staff. Everyone working there has been kind and a good listener, and I can tell that teamwork is a priority in the office. The waiting room has a fun little play area for kids and the overall atmosphere is casual and inviting. Definitely recommend!

    Erin W Avatar
    Erin W

    Dr. Erin and her staff are AMAZING 💜 I have a very anxious kiddo. Like screaming and running for the door anxious. No bribe, threat, or praise worked. Dr. Erin and her staff’s faith in my son at every appointment has paid off. The last several appointments have been essentially stress free for us all. Her inclusion of my child in treatment (showing him what she’s doing on a play mouth, then letting him play dentist and do the procedure on the toy himself) eliminates any fear or unknowns he has about what’s happening. I’m so appreciative of this facility and these kind people. It’s so obvious they have a passion for children in this field.

    Heather Harrison Avatar
    Heather Harrison

    Victoria Kid’s Dentistry has always done a great job with my children’s, and now my grand child’s teeth. They truly care about your child’s dental health and do a wonderful job of making sure your child is comfortable and relaxed. Dr Saucier is just as wonderful with the children as Dr. Ken was before he retired.

    Karen Sorrell Avatar
    Karen Sorrell

    We always have a professional and friendly experience. Dr. and staff are patient, and make going to the dentist the best experience possible. Highly recommended!

    Lauren Tagliabue Avatar
    Lauren Tagliabue

    Staff very friendly. Son saw Dr Ken 20 years ago until he was in teens, then daughter the last 8 years, saw him and she transferred to Dr Erin. They liked the toys in waiting room and loves picking movie to watch while in the chair. If you have concerns, just let them know and they will work with you.

    aprilclick . Avatar
    aprilclick .

    Dr. Erin is great! Her staff are always so welcoming and sweet to our family. Dr. Erin does a great job of explaining our children’s care to us and making sure we are knowledgeable about taking care of their dental needs.

    Slone Strnadel Avatar
    Slone Strnadel
  • I 100% trust Dr. Erin and her staff. I know she would never recommend anything that wasn't needed. The staff is super sweet and helpful. Dr. Erin is great with the kids and takes her time answering all your questions. I never feel rushed or ignored. Thank you Dr. Erin and your entire staff. You guys are the best!

    Jennifer Janak Avatar
    Jennifer Janak

    Everyone took such wonderful care of my daughter after an accident. They responded to me on a Sunday and got her in the office quickly. Thank you!!

    Nancy Gresham Avatar
    Nancy Gresham

    Dr. Erin and her staff are wonderful. Made us all feel comfortable and she made sure my son and I fully understood our options in taking care of his dental issue. 2 visits later—he loves going there, and he especially loved getting to pick his Netflix movie to watch during the procedure. 😉 Dr. Erin is amazing with children and very knowledgeable and efficient.

    Lindsay Sohrt Avatar
    Lindsay Sohrt

    They are so friendly and works well with kids. Dr. Erin and her assistant are so great with kids. I would definitely switch over to her but my insurance is out of network 😞 My child needed work done that her dentist couldn't do and she loved it there.

    adela Castro Avatar
    adela Castro

    Excellent experience! Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! My kids actually love going to see Dr. Erin!

    Misty Henke Avatar
    Misty Henke

    Amazing experience and friendly staff! Every single person there is wonderful with kids and the facility is tailor-made for children: from the interactive play area in the waiting room to televisions for the kids to watch while their teeth are getting worked on. Highly recommend!

    Krystal Hernandez Avatar
    Krystal Hernandez

    Excellent experience! Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! My kids actually love going to see Dr. Erin!

    Misty Henke Avatar
    Misty Henke

    Really nice. People. Very informative. Love the high energy and positivity.
    Couldn't ask for a better dentist for my son

    Megan mumphord Avatar
    Megan mumphord

    Dr Erin is very very good with my three year old son, she constantly checking on him and made sure he was comfortable and tell him what all she was going to do so he wouldn't be scared. He had a great experience with his first dental visit. Thank you so very much. Would highly recommend to other family memebers and friends with kids.

    Carrie Potter Avatar
    Carrie Potter

    We love Victoria Kid’s Dentistry! Dr. Erin is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and so sweet to my kids. My kids love the movies above the exam chairs and fun waiting room. We’ve gone for regular checkups and had one emergency trip... every time I’ve been impressed with their promptness and over-the-top friendliness.

    Jan Lewis Avatar
    Jan Lewis

    Our three year old, Warrior felt so comfortable with the staff for his first visit there-went on back by himself. Everyone was so friendly & Doctor Amy explained it all great. Warrior truly enjoyed her and as a parent I felt very comfortable. Highly recommend!!

    Dian Patterson Avatar
    Dian Patterson

    The entire staff did their part to make the appointment go smoothly. Thankful I found this place. I feel so at ease with my child being under Dr. Erin’s care. You won’t be disappointed with Victoria Kid’s Dentistry.

    Whitney Rudolph Avatar
    Whitney Rudolph

    Very very good with my daughter, made sure she was comfortable and knew what all she was going to have done so she wouldn't be scared. Very reliving for me to see all her work done and her not be fearful of coming back! Thank you so very much.

    Stephanie Molnoskey Avatar
    Stephanie Molnoskey

    Staff very friendly. Son saw Dr Ken 20 years ago until he was in teens, then daughter the last 8 years, saw him and she transferred to Dr Erin. They liked the toys in waiting room and loves picking movie to watch while in the chair. The last couple times I wasn’t allowed back while cleaning daughters teeth, I would prefer to stay with her.

    aprilclick Avatar

    Very pleasant experience, but they don't take insurance. (Even though Dr. Saucier, with a different practice address, is listed on our insurance website, they aren't contracted.) We also have a secondary dental policy. We've never paid for routine cleanings and visits, until now. My kids will be aging out of pediatric dentistry soon, and they typically have no issues with cavities or other dental conditions, so we'll be looking elsewhere.

    J Rainey Avatar
    J Rainey

    Dr. Saucier is super sweet! They called when they had an opening and were able to get my baby’s work done sooner than initially scheduled. 3 fillings on a kid with ADHD and she and her assistant were amazing! Very patient, included him in the process of telling him what they were doing in a way that made sense to a 6 year old. She didn’t do any unnecessary work which I love. Front office was also very good to me and my son.

    Sarah Capak Avatar
    Sarah Capak

    Our kids transitioned seamlessly from Dr. Ken to Dr. Erin. She is professional, friendly, and gentle and her welcoming smile easily disarms kids. She clearly explains her concerns and recommendations and takes the time to answer any questions you have. She is an excellent dentist!

    Meridith Byrd Avatar
    Meridith Byrd

    By far the best dental experience I have ever had. Very patient, understanding, and very friendly! No one was frustrated with my son crying it made us feel very comfortable and welcomed! Thank you so much for such a great experience. Would highly recommend to other family memebers and friends with kids.

    Luisa Cano Avatar
    Luisa Cano

    A pleasant, child-centered atmosphere offers a waiting area with a play center and a wide-array of movie choices for your child to view while he/she sits in the dental chair. Staff is warm and caring.

    Melanie Hancock Steed Avatar
    Melanie Hancock Steed

    Dr. Erin and the staff were all fantastic with my young kids. They calmed their fears and made the experience so easy for them. My only complaint is the amount of phone calls and texts we received. I was bombarded with texts every single night asking for a review and non-stop phone calls asking when we would be making our next appointment despite telling them several times we would call back when we were ready to schedule. I am giving a 5 star review anyway because the care of my kids is what matters and they really were excellent.

    Amanda Carbajal Avatar
    Amanda Carbajal
  • The staff is very friendly and quick to set up appointments. Dr. Erin is the best with kiddos. She's enthusiastic and very knowledgeable; willing to listen to concerns and give sound advice. We love going to the dentist!

    Amanda Christian Avatar
    Amanda Christian

    I highly recommend Victoria Kids Denistry. Dr. Saucier is wonderful, and made my daughter feel comfortable and not nervous about going to the dentist. The whole staff is great!

    Dana Kuchler Avatar
    Dana Kuchler

    Excellent kid friendly pediatric dentist office!
    Fantastic front office staff and always willing to go above and beyond to take care of my child.

    Michelle Head Avatar
    Michelle Head

    Everyone in this office was super sweet! Loved that they took the time to show me and explain everything to me....y’all are fabulous!

    Wendy Salas Avatar
    Wendy Salas

    The staff was wonderful and took their time to make my two-year-old son feel comfortable. It was a great experience for his first dental visit.

    Meagan Morgan Campion Avatar
    Meagan Morgan Campion

    They were very patient with my not so cooperative 5 year old.. I felt they took the time she needed to relax and feel more confident in the tools and procedures.

    Nan Pilat Avatar
    Nan Pilat

    I can not say enough good things about Dr Saucier and the staff at Victoria Kid’s Dentistry! The waiting area is fun and inviting. And the staff is so incredibly friendly. My four year old says he loves going to the dentist! Always a great experience.

    Jessica Clemons Avatar
    Jessica Clemons

    All the staff was very friendly, and tried to incorporate my child’s interest throughout the appointment to make her feel comfortable and not scared of going to the dentist!!!

    Weston Pavlicek Avatar
    Weston Pavlicek

    Victoria Kid’s Dentistry is absolutely the best place for kids to go. The staff is super friendly and make the place feel very welcoming. Kids are able to play with the toys and then get to pick a movie for there time in the chair. My daughter had a cavity filled and we were in and out in an hour. The staffs way of describing what they are doing is amazing. My daughters LOVE going to the dentist.

    Debra Matocha Avatar
    Debra Matocha

    Excellent and personal customer service. The team really shows they care in the way the treat both parent and child. Dr Erin has a lot of knowledge and is excellent at explaining treatment plan.

    P Hunnicutt Avatar
    P Hunnicutt

    They are always so friendly, they have an amazing staff and my kids love the play area. My daughter is always so excited to go to the dentist!

    Amanda Sheffield Avatar
    Amanda Sheffield


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